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This website has been developed by Findlay Park Partners LLP (“FPP”) who is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FPP is the appointed Investment Manager and UK Facilities Representative to Findlay Park Funds PLC.

The website content is for information only and expresses no views as to the suitability of investments to the individual circumstances of the recipient. The information contained is subject to updating, completion, modification and amendment. No information, comment or stated opinion within this website constitutes an offer to sell investments and may not be used to make such an offer. Therefore, no person may treat the website content as constituting an offer or invitation to buy investments nor may they copy or disseminate content for transmission to another person. If, however, an offer to sell investments is made in the future it will be subject to information circulated by FPP at the time of the formal prospectus or equivalent document and not on the basis of the information contained in this website. It is the responsibility of every visitor to this website to satisfy themselves as to the full observance of the laws of any relevant country, including obtaining any government or other consent which may be required or observing any other formality which needs to be observed in that country.

Fund Availability
It should be noted that both the Findlay Park American Fund and the Findlay Park Latin American Fund are closed to new investors but existing investors can add to their holdings.

Therefore the majority of the website content is only made available to existing investors. The investments and investment services to which this website relates are only intended for Investment Professionals. The website content is not directed to anyone who does not have professional experience in investing in equities. Any person who does not have professional experience investing in equities must not rely upon information available on this website as the basis of an investment decision and should seek professional advice.

The Prospectus of Findlay Park Funds PLC prohibits the selling of the Funds to US Persons as defined within the Prospectus.

Shares of the Company and related documents may only be distributed in or from Switzerland to qualified investors within the meaning of Art. 10 Para. 3, 3bis and 3ter CISA. In Switzerland, the Representative is ACOLIN Fund Services AG, Affolternstrasse 56, CH-8050 Zürich, whilst the Paying agent is Neue Helvetische Bank AG, Seefeldstrasse 2015, CH-8008 Zurich. In respect of the units distributed in Switzerland, the place of performance and jurisdiction shall be at the registered office of the Representative in Switzerland. The Basic documents of the Fund as defined in Art. 13a CISO as well as the annual and semi-annual reports may be obtained in Switzerland free of charge at the office of the Representative.

The value of investments may go down as well as up and are likely to be affected by fluctuations in exchange rates, therefore returns are not guaranteed. As result of this and with the effect of transaction charges, investors may not get back the amount they invested.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

For more information on the Fund and potential risks please read the Prospectus.


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