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In 1997, James Findlay and Charlie Park founded Findlay Park Investment Management Ltd (FPIM). The Findlay Park US Smaller Companies Fund was launched 10th March 1998 with a simple investment philosophy:

‘With so many opportunities to make money in the US market, if you can control the downside risk in each investment, one should be able to produce a very respectable risk-adjusted compound rate of return over time’.

The Fund was soft-closed in 2000, since when the Findlay Park investment team has focused exclusively on generating positive returns for existing shareholders. Anthony Kingsley joined FPIM as the third portfolio manager in 2002 and together with James and Charlie founded Findlay Park Partners LLP, which assumed responsibility for managing the Fund in 2003.

Rupert Brandt joined Findlay Park in 2006. The Findlay Park Latin American Fund was launched 9th October that year, and soft-closed on the 31st December.

The market capitalisation of stocks held in the original Fund has increased over time. The Fund was renamed ‘The Findlay Park American Fund’ on 1st November 2011. The team continues to be guided by the founding investment philosophy.

Since 2008, the investment team has expanded to its current size of ten, led by Anthony as Chief Investment Officer.

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