Findlay Park Partners LLP


The Findlay Park US Smaller Companies Fund was launched 10th March 1998 with a simple investment philosophy:

‘With so many opportunities to make money in the US market, if you can control the downside risk in each investment, one should be able to produce a very respectable risk-adjusted compound rate of return over time’.

By 2006 the valuations of US smaller companies had become less appealing, and the investment team began to find better opportunities in larger companies. The Fund was renamed ‘The Findlay Park American Fund’ in January 2011. The team continues to be guided by the founding investment philosophy.

Our investment process is research intensive and team based: stocks held in the Fund are co-covered by two investors, while new ideas are reviewed by the whole team. We try and learn from our mistakes, consistent with our objective to ‘up our ability to compete each year’.


Findlay Park is an independent partnership based in London, 100% owned by its twelve partners. We have a simple business model: one team, one investment strategy, available through one Fund. The Fund has been soft-closed since 2000 and is not marketed to new clients. Our sole focus is on delivering performance for our shareholders.

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