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In 1997 James Findlay teamed up with Charles Park and together they founded Findlay Park Investment Management Ltd (FPIM). On 10th March 1998, the Company launched the Findlay Park US Smaller Companies Fund with the investment objective to find value opportunities within US smaller companies.

The strategy was sufficiently successful to prompt it to be soft closed to new clients in 2000 allowing the FPIM investment team to focus exclusively on generating positive returns for existing investors. In 2002, Anthony Kingsley joined FPIM as the third portfolio manager managing the Fund and in 2003 Findlay Park Partners was formed.

In 2006 Rupert Brandt joined FPP to provide expertise for certain select Latin American opportunities within the American Sub-Fund and on 9th October 2006 the Findlay Park Latin American Fund was launched.

Over time, the investment team began to identify value opportunities further up the market cap scale which led to the American Sub-Fund removing “smaller companies” from its name on 1st November 2011.

Over the years, the investment team has been bolstered by the addition of talented investment professionals who share the Findlay Park investment philosophy. We believe that the investment team has an optimal balance of highly skilled portfolio managers and analysts, all contributing to the Fund's performance.  

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