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Findlay Park U.S. Smaller Companies Fund PLC (the “Company”) was first incorporated in Ireland in November 1997 and was established as an umbrella type investment company with variable capital. Authorisation was granted by the Central Bank of Ireland  as an investment company pursuant to the European Communities (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities) Regulations 1989 (“UCITS”) in February 1998 and the Company continues to be authorised under these regulations as they are amended from time to time.

The Company launched the Findlay Park U.S. Smaller Companies Fund (the “Fund”) on 9th March 1998. Primarily directed at UK investors, the Company and the Fund were recognised by the UK regulator for sale in the UK. By 2000 the Fund had established itself sufficiently that it was soft closed to new investors to allow the Fund Managers to concentrate on the business of managing the portfolio with a view to providing consistently good performance for investors. Existing investors can continue to add to their holdings. 

In March 2004, the Sterling share class was offered to minimise the exchange rate risk to UK investors by hedging USD base currency to GBP.

The Findlay Park Latin American Fund was launched on 10th October 2006 with a view to applying Findlay Park’s careful investment approach to a traditionally volatile market. Again, to focus the Fund Manager’s attention on managing money, the Latin American Fund was closed to new investors from 31st December 2006 however, existing investors can continue to add to their holdings.

In May 2015, Sterling Unhedged share classes were launched for both the Findlay Park American Fund and the Findlay Park Latin American Fund.

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