Fund Prices

The fund prices shown on this page correspond to Findlay Park’s fund. They are provided for informational purposes and should be used solely as a guide.

Name Currency Price Price Date
Class I USD Distribution USD 178.860000 28/09/2023
Class I GBP Distribution GBP 146.620000 28/09/2023
Class I GBP Hedged Distribution GBP 87.120000 28/09/2023
Class I EUR Distribution EUR 169.290000 28/09/2023
Class A USD Accumulation USD 106.870000 28/09/2023
Class I CHF Accumulation CHF 109.870000 28/09/2023
Class I EUR Accumulation EUR 111.450000 28/09/2023
Class I USD Accumulation USD 107.220000 28/09/2023
Class A EUR Accumulation EUR 111.080000 28/09/2023

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