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Our Social Responsibility

We strongly believe we have a role to play in enhancing the wellbeing of both people and planet.

As such, we are committed to delivering on our purpose, which guides us towards investing responsibly in sustainable businesses - our culture enables us to do so with clarity.

We believe our support for charities should go beyond the financial. By donating their time, our team can meaningfully connect and make material changes in their local communities. Our Social Responsibility Committee coordinates these initiatives, encouraging a shared empathy and a belief that even as individuals we can all make a profound impact.

Each year, every team member has the opportunity to select a charity of their choice to receive a donation. This initiative has been in place for the past eight years and has enabled Findlay Park to donate to over 120 different charities across a wide range of sectors. We understand the power of social engagement and aim to actively increase this through the charities we support. We are proud to partner with several charities which we believe align with our values.

  • The Resurgo Trust – supports unemployed young people and emerging entrepreneurs, with a focus to improve social mobility through empowerment, mentoring and progression into further training or education. We have enjoyed working with young participants over the last few years, holding mock interviews, reviewing their CVs and watching them hone their presentation skills.
  • The Passage – provides resources which encourage and inspire homeless people to transform their lives. Working in partnership with many other agencies, they help thousands of people off the streets into safe and secure accommodation and employment. In previous years the team have volunteered at the Christmas lunch, helping to cook, serve and spend time with the vulnerable during what is usually a very difficult time.
  • Smart Works – works with women giving them the confidence they need to reach their full potential, secure employment and change the trajectory of their lives. The service helps prepare for job-interviews and re-entering the workplace predominantly through a dressing and coaching service.
  • City Harvest – collects nutritious surplus food and redistributes this to smaller charities, food banks, schools and community groups. It aims not only to alleviate food poverty in London, but reduce food waste.
  • Making the Leapis a social mobility charity working directly with young people in London. Their mission is to transform the futures of disadvantaged young people in the UK by providing training that raises their aspirations and develops their skills, confidence and outlook so they can choose a career and succeed.

Most of us recognise that we need to act boldly to limit damage to the environment and to potentially reverse the impact we have had on the planet. We believe we should take constructive actions as a company to try and make a difference.

We are inspired by many of the great sustainable businesses in which we invest. In playing our part we take credible, measurable steps to help secure an improved tomorrow for us all. Since 2018 we have offset our carbon footprint through our partnership with Trees for Life, a charity which helps to revitalise wild forests in the UK.

We are now carbon neutral through third party verification, provided by ClimateCare, who map out and quantify the carbon emissions we already monitor. We are passionate about sustaining and expanding these efforts, and have embarked on the following initiatives:

  • We take great pride in our approach to sustainability within the office. We conduct regular due diligence checks against the products and suppliers we use, working together to ensure they meet our standards of sustainable practice.
  • Recycling is widely encouraged, but we first aim to reduce waste and be mindful of the impact of the materials we use. We have switched to biodegradable or compostable products where possible and have significantly reduced our paper usage.
  • The electricity used within our building is generated from 100% renewable sources. We regularly meet with other building occupants to promote a more environmentally aware office approach as a collective.

Culture has made an enormous difference to the success of our partnership. The alignment of values is an important consideration when hiring new team members.

Our culture is anchored on trust and collaboration, as evidenced by our co-coverage research model. It is through this that we create a positive and rewarding working environment where we believe that continual learning and a readiness to evolve are essential to success.

Our culture fosters inclusivity by welcoming diverse views and perspectives. We also expect people to own their mistakes and see them as an opportunity to learn and grow. We aim for an environment where colleagues can build meaningful relationships and where personal matters can be dealt with in a compassionate manner – being a small, independently-owned partnership allows us to do so.

Charities we support