About Findlay Park

Findlay Park is an independent investment partnership based in London.

We believe that ‘Keeping It Simple’ maximises our focus and improves our performance. We aim to do a few things incredibly well; we don’t aspire to be the biggest but we do aspire to be the best in all we do.

Our purpose

Generate compelling compound returns for our investors, measured over decades.

We believe that we can generate higher compound returns for our investors by taking less risk. This is counter to what most people believe: that to generate higher returns you need to take more risk.

Our starting point is trying to avoid losses by controlling the downside risk in each individual investment – the result should be a portfolio capable of generating higher compound returns than the benchmark with a lower level of risk.

Our Approach

We aim to invest in a diversified portfolio of high quality, durable companies.

Findlay Park’s culture is one of teamwork and the investment process for the Fund is team-based. Our experienced Investment team uses a co-coverage model whereby existing and prospective holdings are researched by at least two members of the team.

Each new idea and existing holding is pitched to, and debated by, the entire Investment team. In these meetings we encourage each other to share views and we always invite constructive and respectful challenge and feedback.

This approach draws on the collective expertise of the group and helps us to build conviction in our research and position sizing.

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Track record

Our consistent record is enabled by a long-proven investment process and enduring team.

% p.a
% p.a
Compound return since inception, net of fees*

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. *Full performance data available. As at 28th June 2024.

Assets under management

We aim to invest a diversified portfolio of high quality companies. *As at 28th June 2024.

Our history

Our independent partnership structure is very important to us and ‘built to last’: we aim to be a perpetual partnership that long outlasts its founders.


James Findlay and Charlie Park launch the Findlay Park US Smaller Companies Fund.


Anthony Kingsley joins as the third ‘founding partner’.


The US Smaller Companies Fund becomes the Findlay Park American Fund (an all-cap strategy).


Simon Pryke appointed CEO.


Anthony Kingsley appointed CIO.


American Fund enters ‘Article 8’ classification under EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation.


John Feeley appointed Deputy CIO.


25th Anniversary of the American Fund.

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